SoCalGas Advanced Meter – Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) is upgrading their metering system by adding a communication device to all residential and business natural gas meters. Your gas usage is still measured the same way it is today, but with the advanced meter, it is automatically and securely transmitted to SoCalGas’ customer service and billing center. With an advanced meter, customers will have access to view hourly, daily and weekly gas usage, as well as up to 13 months of monthly data (depending on how long you’ve been enrolled in My Account). By better understanding how much gas you’re using and when, you can better identify ways to save.

Project Background – Through 2017, SoCalGas will install approximately six million communication devices, collectively known as advanced meters on existing natural gas meters and 4,000 data collection units used to collect individual advanced meter usage reads to send to SoCalGas. Overall, about 54% of California’s population will be affected by this project. Approximately 5.8 million of the customers are residential households with the remaining 200,000 representing small and medium businesses in SoCalGas service area. This huge enterprise will be rolled out region-by-region in SoCalGas’ strategic geographical sequence plan.

From beginning to completion, SoCalGas’ focus will be on ensuring customers that they will continue to receive service they can trust, uninterrupted by advanced meter installations. To keep customers informed and reassure, SoCalGas has focused considerable resources on consumer outreach, preparation, and education in three phases of the advanced meter project: pre-installation, installation, and post installation.

Coming To Your Neighborhood – To see when SoCalGas will be visiting your neighborhood visit: and click on “Installation Schedule” in the center column.

These materials are made possible with funding from the AMCOE Project in collaboration with the Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc. GLAD is the proud recipient of a community-based organization grant enabling them to assist SoCalGas with informing consumers about their advanced meter in American Sign Language and captions.