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COVID-19 Resources

Informational Websites:
Extra local OC resources guide and mutual aids* during the COVID crisis.
Please note: OC DEAF is not affiliated with the creators of this list. It is your responsibility to check and verify each resource.


COVID-19: Prevention
As you know, the recent pandemic of COVID-19 has required a new set of rules to be put in place for all Americans.
Wash your hands thoroughly for twenty seconds at a time with soap and water often, especially after returning home and after using the bathroom, or coming into contact with any germs or dirt, and before you eat, handle food, or touch your face. If soap and water is unavailable, use hand sanitizer of at least 60% alcohol content. Avoid close contact, keep at least a six foot distance from other people.
STAY-AT-HOME: Essential workers like post office workers, bank tellers, hospital employees and grocery store attendants must still go to work. All other workers are considered nonessential and must stay home. You may only leave the house for essential functions like grocery store shopping or laundry.
If you have a fever, shortness of breath and a cough, call your doctor immediately.


How to home-school during the coronavirus crisis
A survival guide by our own Family Educator and Deaf Coach, Wendy Merritt-Aguilar.
Disclaimer: Make sure you follow the school work given to your child from school.
  1. Set up a “school” schedule like the one below.
2. Play some read-aloud ASL Story Times .
4. Print Activity Sheets. Our Activities To Do Section has some great resources.
5. Get Active – Play outside, Yoga, Go for walk, etc. Tip: Check out our Activities To Do Section for some ideas!
6. Be Creative- Cooking Project, Art project, etc
7. Find an educational TV Channel: Netflix, YouTube, Roku, Amazon Video, etc
9.Find where to pick up grab-and-go lunch meals here.


Explore while staying inside!
The Monterey Bay Aquarium has live feeds and videos of animals from their open sea turtles to their penguins!
Explore the universe from the comfort of your home. On NASA’s website you can search their entire database of photos and video for free.
Take in the classical art of the Sistine Chapel and more with these virtual tours of the Vatican .
Enjoy this free database of ASL literature resources for children.
The Women’s History Museum in Virginia offers free online exhibits .
Enjoy the Beluga Whale LiveCam from the Georgia Aquarium.
Online exhibits available at The Detroit Institute of ArtThe Georgia O’Keefe Museum, and the VanGogh Museum in Amsterdam. With the Google Arts and Cultures App you can explore countless museums from your phone. Available through GooglePlay or AppleApps.